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Experimental Animals of CLEA Japan, Inc.
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CLEA Japan, Inc. aims to “help create a healthy and bright society” and deals with overall products related to animal experiments in the field of biosciences, including food, implements, and facilities for experimental animals, based on the production and supply of various experimental animals suitable for medical, biological, and drug development studies according to the spirit of animal welfare.

CLEA Japan, Inc. provides SPF animals (BS animals) for animal experiments for the first time in Japan.

CLEA Japan, Inc., as a pioneer supplier of experimental animals, has highly secure, small-scale independent BS facilities, provides germ-free animals, and maintains original species using frozen embryos. We conduct regular microbiologic and genetic monitoring, provide a safe and reliable mode of animal transportation, and are proud to have the capability and techniques of providing internationally recognized reliable SPF animals (BS animals). Along with advances in bioscience, we are introducing various disease models, including immunodeficiency models, diabetes models, and genetically modified animals, and are taking a progressive approach to relevant data collection.


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