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Other Disease Models and Germ-Free Animals
Immunodeficiency Models
Diabetes Models
Genetically Modified Animals
Other Disease Models
(Germ Free)
Germ-Free Animals
Disease Model Information-1
Disease Model Information-2
Disease Model Information-3
Closed Colonies
Inbred Strains
Hybrid Strains
Various Experimental Animals
Supply and Characteristics
Results of Microbiological Testing
Ascorbic Acid Synthetic Ability-lacking Model Rats
Rheumatoid Arthritis Models
Models for Verifying the Efficacy of External Moisturizing Agents and
External Bactericidal Antiseptic Agents
NOA/Jcl  *Sorry. This PDF data is Japanese only.
*After a final mating on November 16, 2010, this strain has been maintained
using frozen embryos.
Germ-Free Animals
C57BL/6NJcl [Gf]
BALB/cAJcl [Gf]
Disease Model Information-1
Genetic Profile
Disease Model Information-2
Occurrence of Vitamin C Deficiency
Disease Model Information-3
Vitamin C Requirements

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