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General Diets
OA-2 (for special breeding)
CA-1 (for breeding)
CE-2 (for rearing and breeding)
CE-7 (for long-term rearing)
CL-2 (for germ-free and immunodeficient animals)
B·F (for weaning)
Quick Fat (for diabetes and obesity research)
High Fat Diet 32 (for diabetes and obesity researc)
CR-3 (for rearing)
CG-7 (for rearing and breeding)
CD-5M (for breeding and rearing)
CMK-2 (for rearing)
CMS-1M (for breeding and rearing)
Radiation-sterilized Diets
Special Formula Diet
Results of Diet Analysis Tests
General Diets
For mice, rats, and hamsters
 OA-2   CA-1  CE-2
 CE-7   CL-2  B・F
For diabetes and obesity studies (for mice and rats)
 Quick Fat  High Fat Diet 32
For rabbits and guinea pigs
 CR-3  CG-7
For dogs
For monkeys
 CMK-2  CMS-1M
For miniature pigs
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