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Microbiological cleaning
Strain maintenance and development
Animals that have undergone manipulation
Microbiological cleaning

Infection-free animals are needed to obtain highly reliable test results. Two major principles in studies involving recombinant genes are “physical containment” and “protection from infection.” “Microbiological cleaning” is advisable before introducing mice or rats with no evident microbiological background to your facilities. Cleaning can be done at CLEA Japan, Inc. using either “reproductive engineering, such as fertilized egg implantation into the oviduct” or “spontaneous mating → cesarean section.”
1. Outline of services
  • Hysterectomy and fetus removal/resuscitation in vinyl isolators, followed by rearing by adoptive parents in small or large vinyl isolators
  • Utilization of cesarean section from spontaneous mating, as needed
  • Dealing with the need for the large-scale creation of individual organisms (cleaning) for the development of seed animals for commercial production
  • Dealing with the need for the creation of pathogen-free animals
  • Ability to create animals from combinations of species not possible through spontaneous mating using reproductive engineering
  • Submission of a protocol and a detailed report, including test data

2. Animals covered by our services
  • Immunodeficient animals (mice, rats)
  • Animal models of illness (mice, rats)
  • Genetically manipulated animals (mice)
  • Other mouse/rat strains
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