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Microbiological cleaning
Strain maintenance and development
Animals that have undergone manipulation
Strain maintenance and development

Clients (research institutions) can utilize our experienced staff and animal-rearing space at CLEA Japan, Inc., for the development of mice/rats to enable the efficient use of the clients’ research facilities when introducing new animal strains. Efficient animal strain maintenance and development are possible through the use of advanced reproductive engineering.
1. Outline of services
  • Accommodation in small or large vinyl isolators (VI) or barrier system (BS) facilities
  • Reproduction date summarization, line graph drawing, and reporting
  • Collection of individual animal data (body weight, blood glucose level, blood pressure, etc.), and maintenance and passage of animals through selection, etc.
  • Creation of crossbred animals of specific strains
  • Development of specific strains of animals

2. Animals covered by our services
  • Mice and rats (primarily genetically manipulated animals and animal models of illness)
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