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High quality cages are outcome of our broad experience on animal breeding and handling.

  CLEA Japan has been producing and supplying various experimental animals from the beginning.
In Brochure 1, we introduce a variety of breeding cages, breeding-related devices, and equipments,
which have been designed and improved from our rich experience in production and breeding of the animals.
They are all easy to use and conform to each experimental animal.

  CLEA CATAROG 1 Plastic cages 1-3-11
  Disposable cage and Filter caps 1-12 
  Watering bottles, Rubber stoppers, and Watering tubes 1-13,14
  Watering bottles, Twist Caps, and Watering tubes 1-15,16
  Automatic watering system and Valves 1-17,18
  Ultrafiltation water supply system 1-19
  Breeding shelves 1-20
  Metal cages 1-21
  Metabolic cages 1-24
  Label holders and etc. 1-25
  Download the catalog here.
Feeding boxes 1-26

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