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All for accurate experimental results.

  CLEA Japan has been participating in the planning to build the facilities of animal experiments for many research institutes and companies. After completion of the facilities,we further provide all kind of consulting services for the facility control and management,and the products, that are introduced in this brochure, such as experimental and control equipment and consumable supplies and materials, in addition to experimental animals and animal diets. We are proud to offer you all of these software and hardware that you need to operate your facilities with highest efficiency.

  Monkey Chair 2-5
  Operating Tables, Holders 2-6,7-9
  Dissecting-Operating Tools, etc. 2-10,11
  Nets, Gloves, etc. 2-12
  Sterilization Boxes, Working Table, Carts 2-13,14
  Balances 2-15
  Laboratory Tables, Storage Cabinets, Sinks 2-16
  Motion Recorders 2-17
  Respirators 2-18
  Download the catalog here.
Beddings, etc. 2-19
    Atomizers, Disinfectors 2-21
    Cleansing Agents, Disinfectants 2-23
    Laboratory wears, etc. 2-28
    Cleaners 2-30

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