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Providing total solution to animal experiments through integrated technology

  Good equipments themselves are not enough for successful animal experiments. In addition to them, comprehensive planning based on the thorough consideration for environmental safety, operators' safety, improvement of operating efficiency, laborsaving and close cooperation with research division, is essential to successful animal experiments.
CLEA Japan has broad experience on comprehensive planning of many research facilities for successful animal experiments by harmonizing various factors. Brochure 3, that is a consequence of our efforts, provides various kinds of animal breeding/caring equipments best suitable for your experiments.

  CLEA CATAROG 1 Bracket Cages 3-3,4,5
  Bracket Units 3-6
  Water Flushing Unit for Dogs and Monkeys 3-7
  Running Water Flushing Units 3-8,9,10
  FRP Running Water Flushing Units 3-11
  Auto Scraper Units 3-12
  Wall Hanging Type Units 3-15,
  Running Water Flushing Clean Racks 3-17
  Automatic Water Sterilizing System 3-18
  Download the catalog here.

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