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Superior cleaning and disinfectant system can provide clean and sanitary environment for animal experiments

  Maintenance of clean and sanitary environment is essential factor in successful management of experimental animal facilities.
At the same time, it is necessary to correspond to the increasingly stringent regulations for the waste water treatment and chronic shortage of workers. CLEA Japan is proud to offer you various kinds of powerful cleaningand disinfectant equipment and system, as well as our unique inhalation experimental system, to satisfy all of your requirements.
Please review our system in the design stage of your facilities and early planning stage of your experiments.

  CLEA CATAROG 1 Rotary Cage Washers 4-3,4
  Cage Washers 4-5,6-8
  Rack Washers 4-9,10
  Auto Claves 4-11,12-18
  Inhalation Experiment Systems
(CIS Series)
  Bubbling Water Tank 4-23
  Drainage-Treatment System for Infection Experiments 4-24
  Drainage Solid-Liquid Separator 4-25
  Drainage-Treatment System for Animal Experiment Facilites 4-26
  Download the catalog here.

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