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CLEA Japan provides a comprehensive support to develop high quality research and breeding environment.

  Recent advancement in biotechnology is remarkable. The more advanced the technology, the stricter the required environmental control.
CLEA Japan develops clean air system and various kinds of animal care equipments and experimental devices relating to biohazard based on our broad experiences of breeding and supplying germfree animals (maintaining foundation colony) , SPF animals, immunodeficiency animals and other experimental animals.
We provide not only those equipments and devices, but also services to support facility planning.
This brochure introduces our total systems to users.

  CLEA CATAROG 1 Clean Air System 5-3,4
  Environment-Controlled Rearing System
  Clean Racks, Negative Racks 5-7,8
  Safety Racks 5-9,10
  Safety Rack R 5-11
  Jic Rack 5-12
  biobubble Clean Rooms 5-13,14-16
  FRP Bio 2000 5-17,18
  Bio Safety Hoods 5-19
  Air Lock Room 5-20
  Download the catalog here.
Air Shower 5-21
    Plastic Isolators 5-22,23
    Negative Plastic Isolator 5-24
    Aqua-Clean Air Conditioning System 5-25

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